Back Office Services


Collaborates with School Administration and Governing board to prepare fiscal year budgets, budget amendments, cash flows and pro forma budgets as desired.


Communicates effectively with School Administration and Governing Board to maintain accurate banking correspondence and records. Ensure accuracy of School Financials’ proprietary resources as it pertains to your school.

Accounts Payable

Works in conjunction with School Representative while complying with the Governing Board’s internal control policy to guarantee vendor relationships are secured, payments are made timely, and ensure payables are correctly accounted for.


Works closely with School Representative and Administration to process payroll while ensuring accuracy of all wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits. Serve as insurance liaison to streamline open enrollment procedures.


Corresponds with School Administration while serving as Business Manager to your school by providing transparent financial and analysis reports to your Governing Board and other agencies as required.

Audit Liaison

Assists Governing Board in compiling Request for Proposals for audit services. Serves as liaison for all financial records and assists in execution of year end audits and compliance auditors.