We don’t see charter schools as profit opportunities, or potential clients; we see charter schools as unique islands of learning, bringing innovation to bear in a sea of homogeneity. The evidence is in the variety of charter schools found: community schools, classical academies, ESE schools, language immersion schools, dropout prevention schools, and more. Moving beyond a superficial acquaintance into supporting the school in fulfilling its purpose leverages our experience to multiply its value to charter schools. Maintaining general ledgers and preparing financial statements are common skills; interpreting what those financial statements generated from those general ledgers says about your school requires an understanding of charter schools which comes only through experience.

Not a Vendor, but a Partner

Our relationship may start out as a vendor relationship, but we anticipate it evolving into a partnership. Partnerships are not built overnight and our experience shows us that over time we will become a trusted partner as we have with our other 33 charter school clients. We become partners with our charter schools for two main reasons. First, our experience and expertise builds trust. Trust is the foundational building block for any relationship. You know that we will deliver a consistent and accurate product. These products can include budgeting, general ledger maintenance, audit liaison, accounts payable, payroll and a variety of other services. Second, we become a trusted advisor. The other ingredient into a partnership is communication. From day one, we have open communication regarding your needs, your mission, and your goals. We work as a trusted advisor regarding the specific needs of charter schools in Florida and the stringent Florida statutes. We provide the business services and financial advice so that you can concentrate on your mission of educating students.