You started a charter school to educate students ...

... we started SFS so you can concentrate on your mission: educating students.

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Partnering with you from concept to classroom.

We started SFS because we recognized that the charter school environment was complex, ever changing, and that the state statutes had very stringent accounting requirements. There were no experts a charter school could turn to for help. There was no one who solely focused on staying current with charter school financial regulations. You start a charter school because you want to educate students, not to become a charter school accounting expert. We recognized the need for true experience, leadership, and guidance in helping charter schools from start up to full enrollment. After 12 years, we are proud that we have built the best financial team in the industry and have become the market leader. If you are thinking about starting a charter school, or are in the development stage or are up and running, call us to see how you can tap into our experience and lower your total cost.

School Financial Services
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